-Is EXIT ROOM Vilnius live escape games designed for Lithuanian language speakers only?

Our escape rooms is designed for Lithuanian, Russian and English language speakers.

– Do I need any specific skills or knowledge to participate in the game?

No, your team will not need any specific skills or knowledge to escape the room.

– What is the age limit for participants?

From 12 to 99.

– Can I receive clues during the escape game?

Yes, you can get up to four clues.

– Will the team actually be locked inside the room?

Yes, the team will be locked inside the game room. Once your team completes all the tasks, it will find the main exit key and will be able to escape the room. Should any member of the team experience discomfort or decide to end the game, you can always ask the Exit Room employee to let them out.

– How to make the reservation and what is the price for one team/group?

The price is fixed and it is €50 for a team. To make the reservation just click on the following link and fill in the form.

– How to know which team won 1st place last month?

Following information can be find in our webpage under Top5 list or on our facebook.

– Why should I choose EXIT ROOM Vilnius?

This escape room is an amazing and unique form of entertainment in Vilnius designed for both families and individual groups. If you have no idea what to do in Vilnius, EXIT ROOM is your best choice!


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